In the current uncertain business landscape, it is important for organisations to explore new and innovative methods that would help them in managing costs, oversee processes, and hire suitable talents. Many employers experience difficulties in employing skilled and proficient talent for their organisation. This is due to the fact that hiring the wrong candidates would leave the needs of the organisation entirely unmet, and that would affect the operational cost of the organisation in the long run.

For employers, one advantage is that a contract staffing service rids off the worry about the time-consuming aspects of hiring new personnel. The entire process of sourcing, screening, and recommending the best candidates, as well as taking care of payroll and onboarding, are handled by the talent search agency.

Instead of hiring employees on a permanent basis, you may decide on an arrangement where individuals are engaged on terms specifically set out in a contract; for the purpose of managing employment-related costs. Such an arrangement usually refers to a fixed-term or project-based contract.

Processes involved in contract staffing:

1. Organisations to identify the actual requirements based on the nature of the contract as well as competencies for the job role
2. Sourcing for talents, based on the requirements identified by the organisation
3. Screening of CVs
4. Interview process

Once a candidate is chosen, a contract is signed between the talent search agency and the candidate. For organisations, one advantage of contract staffing is that recruiting an independent contractor is a much faster way to fill a gap compared to finding a permanent hire.

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