How-To Series: Tips to secure a job in a Malaysian Government agency

Want a job in a Malaysian government agency?

The recent happy news for Malaysian civil servants: Tax-free BONUS. That’s on top of the granted pension scheme, loan approval eligibility, annual salary adjustments, special leave in addition to the leave entitlement for long-service civil servants, as well as some other interesting benefits.

Don’t you just envy them? Have you ever dreamt of working in the public sector and enjoying the perks of a Government servant?

Stop there, for a minute of reflection:

We must all bear in mind that the nature of jobs for civil servants of today is far different from the days of our parents. The traditional mindset regarding the laid-back Government job nature of clocking-in at 8am and clocking-out at 4pm with coffee breaks in between must change.  As evidenced by the standards of public services in Malaysia eg. enhanced passport renewal processes, civil servants of today are no longer following the traditional government work patterns. Meaning, employees in the public sector too have performance standards to maintain.

For fresh graduates, if you wish to try your luck in securing a job in a Government agency, here are some tips:

  1. Explore opportunities either via Public Services Commission of Malaysia or a reputable employment agency, such as HCR Malaysia jobs
  2. Develop your most impressive CV; seek help from career coaches such as Dragonfire Corporate Solutions to enhance the narratives according to the requirements of roles
  3. Ensure that you include a recent professional passport-sized photo of yourself
  4. Academic records are a MUST, especially your CGPA and the provision of relevant supporting documents
  5. Submission of a neatly completed form; via SPA or a reputable employment agency, such as HCR Malaysia
  6. Keep yourselves updated with the the current news relating to Government issues and initiatives. Ensure the reliability of information eg. official statements by the respective Ministers.
  7. Do some research regarding the respective agencies’ important policies
  8. Maintain professionalism during the interview; dress well, be punctual, speak confidently

Would you like to be part of the team that sets Government policies? Check out Jobs advertised by HCR Malaysia to look for Government agency roles that possibly match your capabilities.




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