How to Take Charge of Your People and Culture; Start with our Personality Assessment

We can all agree that people are the lifeline of any business. Whether you’re running a startup or a fast-growing organisation, all business entities have their own organisational culture driven by people, which can determine whether your business succeeds or fails. Have you ever hired an employee and then later realise that the talent is just not a good fit for your organisation? It could be that the person’s capabilities are not up to expectation, or the personality traits may not jive with your team dynamics, or there seem to be clashes in terms of work culture.

Your company’s culture comprises the actual work environment for your team and the standards everyone is held to. It also determines how team players interact and communicate with one another, as well as the values and beliefs they carry. In a real work environment, everyone will have their own work style and preferences. These differences are typically interpreted in the form of personality scales, which you can find in a job-fit report. In order to classify what type of team player a person may be, you will need an analysis that will determine whether or not a person will be an effective team player.

Do you wish to assess personality fit when hiring new employees? Would you like to know if the talent has a good emotional balance or is reactive? Is the candidate conventional or open? Spontaneous or disciplined? Get in touch with HCR Malaysia; our personality assessment and team fit tool will reveal a talent’s motivations, psychological preferences, character, temperament, and beliefs. The results of these variables will determine whether the talent will fit well into your business setup. Our assessment tools ensure that your new hires will add value to your existing team dynamics. We will guide you in your hiring decision; ensuring incumbents are focused on their responsibilities, and over time, will develop their roles to their full potential for business productivity.



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