An empowered learning and development team improves employee retention. For example, 93% of employees say they will stay longer at a company when that company invests in their career development.

Employee retention is absolutely a key HR objective. Still, there are many other benefits that learning and development provide that directly impact an organisation’s bottom line. For example, training employees help make employees more productive. Organisations that spend at least RM6,300 annually earn 24% more profit than those with little learning and development budgets.


It helps companies gain and retain top talent, improves productivity, and learning and development help companies earn more profit. Developing and implementing an organisation’s learning strategy can be vast arrays of theoretically and technologically driven managerial responsibilities in the modern workplace. 

We understand that sometimes the Learning and Development Manager might need assistance in developing and implementing learning strategies, learning objectives, and programs that meet business needs. 

We provide the support in terms of the following:

Executive Essential Series

102-1: First Level Executive Series
    Module 1: Self-awareness
    Module 2: Learning agility
    Module 3: Communication skills
    Module 4: Political savvy
    Module 5: Motivating others
    Module 6: Influencing outcomes

102-2: Management Series
    Module 1: Self-Leadership & Productivity
    Module 2: Critical Business skills Thinking &                                                     Problem Solving – Leading Change
    Module 3: Team Accountability Circle
    Module 4: Managing Employee Performance
    Module 5: Effective Financial Awareness
    Module 6: Strategic Thinking

102-3: Leadership Series
    Module 1: Personal Leadership Competence
    Module 2: Influencing Leadership using NLP
    Module 3: Leadership Coaching & Mentoring
    Module 4: Performance Management &
         Benchmarking For Best Practices
    Module 5: Business Model Canvas
    Module 6: Transformational Leadership
    Module 6: 7 Habits Towards Higher Performance

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