HCR Malaysia is a boutique recruitment agency with a deep digital, marketing, and creative talent pool. 

Our boutique recruitment agency has a unique approach to making the right connections. We offer a much more tailored service catered for your organisation’s needs. At HCR Malaysia, we believe that we are merely humans helping humans. And it shines through in how our talent recruiting consultants try their best in getting to know the real you and understand what you are looking for.

These services are then supplemented with expertise across different types of employment up to C-level services.


When a client requires a permanent placement, we will find candidates for them and then place them directly under the client’s company. 

A permanent job is where one works for a client permanently. They will get the total employee benefits and salary offered by the client’s company. Browse available vacancies here.

Mass hiring is hiring many candidates within a short period, and it is usually considered an ongoing project. It is an extensive process that needs meticulous planning and systematic execution to get the desired result.

Mass Recruiting or bulk recruitment occurs when we start a new project or when we try to expand the business. For example, companies conduct job fairs, screen resumes, and conduct interviews to select suitable candidates.

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